RAPID MSH 240v Professional Hot Water Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer - 120Bar, 9L/min - 2 Castor Wheels With Brake RAPIDMSH240C

Reduced price! RAPID MSH 240v Professional Hot Water Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer - 120Bar, 9L/min - 2 Castor Wheels With Brake +
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RAPID MSH 240v Professional Hot Water Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer - 120Bar, 9L/min - 2 Castor Wheels With BrakeRAPID MSH 240v Professional Hot Water Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer - 120Bar, 9L/min - 2 Castor Wheels With Brake£ 2,040.00 Incl. VAT

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RAPID MSH 240v Professional Hot Water Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer - 120Bar, 9L/min - 2 Castor Wheels With Brake


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NEW FEATURE - Castor Wheels & Brake. More Manoeuvrable for getting round tight spaces & brake for when parked on a sloping surface.   

• 120Bar Max Pressure, 9L/min (540Litres/hour) flow rate 
• Heats Water to 90oC on full pressure and up to 150oC on steam stage
• Easy to Use / Easy to Transport with low centre of gravity for stability. 
• Boiler Protection Against Low Water Pressure.
• Total Stop System - Saves electricity 

• Fully stainless steel frame and cover - Built to last 
• Simple Adjustable Temperature Control & Switch.
• Double Pass Heat Exchanger Guarantees Hotter Water with Less Fuel Usage.
• Fully Protected Electrics from Water Ingress.

• Can be used with HVO fuel which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 90%

• 24L Easy Fill Fuel Tank


Comes complete with Heavy Duty Durakilx Quick Release 10m Hose & Lance & High/Low pressure Nozzle Kit.

The NEW V-TUF RAPID MSH240C - With Castor Wheels & Brake. More Manoeuvrable for getting round tight spaces 

The V-TUF RAPID-MSH 240C  Hot-Water Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer is popular for cleaning tasks tackling large amounts of grease, oil, dirt, or stubborn dirt. The RAPID-MSH steam cleaner swiftly lifts all deep-rooted thick sludge, dirt, and grime from all hard surfaces. Recommended usage 3 Hours Per Day. 


With a solid steel chassis, and stainless-steel cover, the RAPIDMSH Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer is rugged, durable, compact, which is why contract cleaners enjoy using this machine for use in all industries, including; Agriculture, Industry, Automotive, Transport, Construction & Public Services.


Why Buy?:
•    Superb Cleaning Performance.
•    Thermostat - Full Control of Temperature.
•    Minimal Long-Term Maintenance.
•    Energy Efficient & Low On Emissions.

•    Simple Electric Circuits


The V-TUF RAPID-MSH hot water electric pressure washer offers a time saving of up to 35% with drastically improved cleaning results compared to a cold-water model. Cleaning using hot water offers optimises the cleaning process by allowing you to use less chemical, as well as impressive cleaning results.


Oils & Greases are known to be hard to clean, especially in food factories, but using Hot water softens congealed oil and grease and radically improves emulsification, making it very easy to efficiently remove, clean, and sanitise.


Hot-Water Cleaning Removes Grime & Grease Quicker Than An Equivalent Cold-Water Machine With the same pressure and flow rate  - With Quicker Drying Time.



•    The pump is lubricated with top specification V-TUF PRESSURE LUBE (PL500) which contains MSM which virtually eliminates friction and wear. Pump lube level visible from outside the machine.

•    Pressure can be regulated and the regulation wheel is direct on the pump and easy to reach.

•    Adjustable temperature control and cold water switch.

•    High efficiency double pass heat exchanger offers you hotter water while using less fuel and clean combustion.

•    The simple strategically placed control panel is easy to operate and has IP56 electric protection.

•    Manual start stop for better control.

•    Low water burner Cut-Out - reducing expensive damage from water shortage.

•    Safety pressure valve: visible and direct on the pump (following all European regulations).

•    Lance storage holder on the side of the cover.

•    Mechanical Fuel pump.

•    2 x large robust and 2 x caster wheels ideal for rough terrain

•    Quick release KTQ 350 bar Optigun lance system with 10m 3/8 Jetwash High Pressure Hose DuraKlix coupling system.

•    Chemical injection system.

•    2800 RPM Industrial Motor with Thermal Protection.
•    24 Litre Easy-Fill Removable Fuel Tank.
•    Minimal Long-Term Maintenance & Running Costs.
•    Delivery time: 3 working days. All machines are Pre-delivery inspected and tested before dispatch. We aim to give you peace of mind, for trouble free operation from the start.


Thanks to its compact, and sturdy build, the V-TUF RAPID-MSH is best known for tackling the most difficult mounds of dirt. 
With its large integrated handle, it is much easier to manoeuvre, and with a front bar to protect the front components on the steam cleaner. The large puncture-proof, rugged wheels ensure maximum mobility over all types of floors.

Weed-killing with hot water.

  1. Turn on the Boiler 
  2. Set the Thermostat on 100oC,
  3. Remove Your Chemical Pipe From any Chemical containers 
  4. Twist The End Of Your Lance To Low Pressure Mode 
  5. Start Showering Weeds With Hot Water 

Weed control is essential for maintaining roads, buildings, public spaces, crops etc.

Conventional Weed control methods use hazardous chemicals.

V-TUF Thermal Weed Control

  • V-TUF Thermal Weed Control uses hot water to break the interactions in proteins and denature them.
  • V-TUF Thermal Weed Control uses hot water to conduct the heat treatment right down to the roots. Other steam or hot-air methods are only effective above the surface.
  • V-TUF Thermal Weed Control delivers a consistent flow of optimum-temperature thermal treatment water. (Approximately 90oC).
  • V-TUF Thermal Weed Control weakens the weed with every treatment. 3-4 treatments are recommended in the first year. Fewer treatments will be required in subsequent years.  
  • V-TUF Thermal Weed Control employs soft wash technology to prevent damage to delicate substrates.

For best results perform treatment during the afternoon as thermal treatment is more effective on weeds that have maximum water absorption. The best season is early Spring when most weeds are young.

Results visible in 3-4 days. Repeat process where weeds are more established.


• Construction & Building Sites, • Hire & Rental, • Car Parks, • Parks & Public Walkways, • Facilities Management, • Manufacturing & Beverage, • Heavy Industry, • Contract Cleaners, • Warehousing & Distribution, • Agriculture, • Schools & Education Centres, • Hospitals.

Areas of Application:
• Construction Site Equipment; Cement Mixers, Diggers, Dumpers, JCB & CAT Machines etc. • Cement Plant • Foundries, • National Multi-Storey Car Parks, • Tractors, Harvesters, Cultivators, Ploughs & Trailers, •  Cattle Barns, • Building & Floor Restoration Services, • Drain Blasting & Cleaning, • Courtyards: Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Sports Grounds, •  Driveways, Paths & Patios, • Boats, Yachts & Ships.

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