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Look after your investment

Once you have purchased your cleaning equipment you might want to think about servicing. It’s always advisable to keep on top of the maintenance to ensure your machine works when you need it. Regular servicing will also increase the lifetime of any equipment.

At Hortech we offer Service Plans that are tailored to machine usage. This will dictate how often you need a service. In a 12-month period you might only need an annual service for light operation. But if you consider your needs to be medium to high usage, we can service twice a year or once every quarter.

For every machine that is sold we offer a Service Plan. Once we understand your level of usage a plan can be drawn up based on your needs. There is also a service calendar prompt. Which means you don’t have to worry about when the next service is due. We will simply drop you a reminder.

If you are a business customer then we can carry out the service at your premises. Our vans are stocked with everything we need which includes the spare parts. It also means your machine is not out of action for any length of time.

For our domestic customers you can bring your machine into our store in Holbeach. We offer full service and repair on-site in our fully equipped workshop. If you have booked in with our service department you can reduce the amount of time you are without your machine.


On-Site Breakdown Repairs

There whenever you need us

Inevitably there will be occasions when a machine fails to work. We do offer a breakdown service for a set fee and with no additional call out charges. Our aim is to be with you within 24 to 48 hours depending on how far you are from Holbeach. We offer this service on the basis you are within a 100-mile radius from our store.

Our vans carry a wide selection of spare parts and accessories. These are manufacturer specified products. We will always work to repair your machine within the same day. If we don’t have the specific part you need, this will be ordered by us and should be in stock within 24 hours.

All our engineers are fully trained by the market leaders Karcher and Nilfisk. Which is why we are a premier service dealer for all the top brands.

The service workshop is located at our store in Holbeach. This is popular with our domestic customers. It’s a place where you can take your machines for repair. All our staff are knowledgeable and will provide you with an initial assessment as well as an idea of how long it will take.


For more informations call Paul Seaman on : 01406 426513

or write to: paul.seaman@hortechsystems.co.uk

Karcher and Nilfisk On-Site Repairs

Located in Hall Gate, PE12 7LG Holbeach, Hortech offers professional services & repairs within a 100-mile radius from our store.

Whether you are located in: Spalding, Boston, Peterborough, King's Lynn, Wisbech, Leicester, Bourne, Grantham, Lincoln, Nottingham or any other city within the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Cambridgeshire area.

We offer full service and repair on-site in our fully equipped workshop. For a free quote & consultation call: 01406 426513