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How to use your Karcher steam cleaner

Before we cover the many ways that you can use your Karcher steam cleaner, lets look at how the process works?

One of the most important things to bear in mind is that steam cleaning is natural and chemical free. And the secret of the process is the combined effect of the blasts of steam and the temperature of the water in the spray. Sometimes you have to use mechanical cleaning methods too, but in such cases it all will be easier due to the fact that any grime and dirt will have been loosened, or dissolved in the case of grease, making them all the easier to remove.

Of course, everyone knows that water is a great cleaning agent, but when you turn it into steam, you remove all the minerals from the water, which means there are no residues or streaks left behind.

Steam is healthier too. With no detergents being used, there are no residues left behind, these potentially causing allergic reactions in some. In addition, steam binds dust particles together and thus removes these from the air rather than just blasting them around the room.

How is the Steam Produced?

The process is simple enough, a sealed boiler being used to turn water into steam, the time taken to turn a litre of water into steam depending on the power of the device. When wanted, the steam is released from what is known as a steam gun. Some devices allow the operator to set the flow and pressure of the steam, the faster the flow the better the dirt dissolving power.

Safety First

It goes without saying that pressurised steam has to be used carefully, so always be careful when using it when other people, children or pets are in the vicinity.

Now we know how the steam cleaner works, lets check out just some of the ways you can use your Karcher steam cleaner

Cleaning Carpets

The frequency of any carpet cleaning is going to be affected by many factors. For instance, the pile of the carpet, its colour and most importantly the level of traffic it has to deal with. One thing is certain though, and that is that regular cleaning increases the life of any carpet while also making it more hygienic, hairs , dirt and mites being removed.

Tests have proved that steam cleaners are not the best thing to use to clean carpets, vacuum cleaners being far better, especially when they have a water filter, as this ensures that any dirt, spores or mites are not released back into the air in the room, something especially important for allergy sufferers.

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Better still use a carpet cleaner which uses spray extraction, this not only removes the dust from the top part of the carpet, but also from between the fibres. The system is simple enough, water and a suitable detergent are sprayed onto the surface of the carpet and then vacuumed up, all the dirt having been combined with the chemical agent. Another sweep using clean water removes any detergent as well as getting rid of the majority of water. However, it can still take some time for the carpet to dry out, and it is important not to walk on it until it is totally dry. Vacuuming again at this point gives the best finish possible.

Hortech Karcher Vacuum cleaner

When using this method remember that warm water will increase the cleaning performance, but do ensure it is not too hot as this can damage the fibres and glues used in the carpets construction. Also, remember to turn off any under floor heating systems, and when using any cleaning agent for the first time, test it on an inconspicuous area.

By the way, you can also use such a system to clean car seats, upholstery and bed mattresses.

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Using Your Steam Cleaner as a Carpet Refresher

Whilst not the best machine for cleaning a carpet, a steam cleaner can be used to ‘refresh’ the fibres of your carpets and is very useful at removing the dents that furniture makes. All you have to do is to place a dry cloth on the dent and spray it with steam, the water that trickles through letting the fibres slowly swell to the original size.

Some more tips when cleaning carpets.

If you ever have to deal with stains, following these easy tips will make your life easier.

First, act as fast as you can, using a cloth or tissues to soak up as much liquid as possible. Just remember not to apply pressure, instead relying on capillary action to draw the liquid into the cloth.

Second, always try clean warm water first. Most spills can be dealt with in this manner. If not there are many stain removers that you can use.

Talking about the things you can use to clean carpets, here are just a few of the household remedies you could consider using:-

Baking Powder or Bicarbonate of Soda – Just place some on the stain and then apply a small amount of hot water. The pores in the fibres of the carpet are opened thus allowing you to vacuum up both the powder and what caused the stain in one go.

Vinegar -Mix some white vinegar with water at a 1 to 1 ratio and apply using a cotton cloth, dabbing carefully at the stain. Don’t rub it and do leave it for 30 mins before using clean water to finish the job.

Something to consider though

If you have delicate carpets, all of the above may not be the best way forward. Always check the small print your carpets came with and where necessary call in a professional carpet cleaner.

Cleaning Hardwood or Laminate Floors with your Karcher steam cleaner

It is possible to clean a wooden floor with a steam cleaner, but care must be taken as it is important not to leave any puddles, or to hold the steam nozzle over one area for too long. Always use the floor nozzle and a microfibre cleaning cloth, and use the minimal amount of steam, just enough to remove any dirt.

Also it is best only to use a steam cleaner on  wooden floors that have been laid correctly, i.e. in a manner that does not allow moisture to penetrate the joints or unprotected edges.


But there are so many other ways of using a steam cleaner.

Here are just a few of the things you can clean using your Karcher steam cleaning machine

  • Sealed Tiles
  • Grout
  • Basins, Sinks and Tubs
  • Countertops
  • Showers
  • Ovens
  • Cooker Tops
  • Grills and BBQ’s
  • Glass of all sorts

And some things that are best not cleaned with a steam cleaner

  • Unsealed Flooring
  • Cold Windows (they could crack)
  • Plastic surfaces
  • Laminate Flooring (also see above about wooded floors)
  • Unglazed Tiles
  • Surfaces covered in Water-based paints
  • Delicate surfaces in general

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