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Cleaning Windows the Karcher Way

There is no doubt that cleaning windows is not the most popular of household chores. After all it is manual work, takes a deal of time, and often the result is not as good as wanted. The problem of course is the dreaded streak. But the good news is that if you use a Karcher Window Vacuum in the right way, you simply won’t end up with any streaks on your windows. Plus, you will have managed to do all of your windows in a fraction of the time it would take with a bucket and a squeegee.

How often do you need to clean your windows?

Let’s consider how often you need to clean your window, this very much depending on where your home is situated. For example, you could have a house that is very close to a main road, which means that the passing traffic is bound to throw a lot of dirt into the air, some of which is going to land on your windows. Then again, you may have lots of trees in the area, which at certain times of the year are going to produce a lot of pollen, this too will cling to your windows and make them look dirty.

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Tips for streak free windows

One thing that is often forgotten is the matter of timing. This is important as trying to clean your windows on a hot sunny day is a mistake. This is because the heat causes the windows to dry out too quickly. This results in too much friction on the vacuum blade, which means you get the squeaks and the streaks you don’t want.

One good thing about buying a Karcher is that everything you need is in the box. There’s a spray bottle, some cleaning liquid, a microfibre cleaning pad, plus of course a number of nozzles.

The Window Cleaning Process

  1. Fill the Spray Bottle with some water and some cleaning liquid
  2. Then place a fine spray onto the window and agitate this using the Microfibre Cloth
  3. Draw the Window Vac downwards in a smooth motion, all the time listening for a squeak. If you hear one, then apply a bit more liquid from the spray bottle than the first time and try again.
  4. Its as simple as that (although do remember you have to empty the waste water tank every now and then) and if you still have problems, it could well be because the blade has become worn, or that it has become contaminated with tiny bits of dirt (this causes the blade to become uneven and that leads to streaks). The solution is to wipe the blade more often. Pulling the lip over the cleaning pad on the spray bottle removes these particles, which leads to as smooth a blade as possible.
Hortech Karcher Vacuum cleaner

But what about those high windows?

Many premises have some high or hard-to-reach windows, which can be a real pain to keep clean. The good news is that the Karcher system has the answer in the form of an Extension Pole. It is very light and extends your reach by almost 2mtrs. Simply fit the Karcher Vac into the holder and secure using the catch.

And those small windows?

Here you need a smaller blade and that is just what Karcher supplies. Simply remove the large head from the unit and replace it with a smaller nozzle.

And then there is the fact that the Karcher can deal with spills too.

Accidents occur in every home, and some of them include spilling things like red wine on the carpet. Of course you could resort to using kitchen cloths or paper towels, but there is a better way, simply grab your Karcher and suck up the offending liquid.

Finally, let’s look at the various household remedies that you could use to clean your windows and frames.

Stubborn dirt on window frames can be hard to remove with just water, but the good news is your kitchen cupboard probably contains the answer.

  • Vinegar: Just add 1 cup of vinegar per litre of water. Just remember to cover any stone window sills, like marble, as vinegar can damage this type of surface.
  • Citric acid: Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of citric acid powder per litre of water. This is an excellent cleaning agent and can result in a very good finish indeed.
  • Good old washing-up liquid: You can get truly marvellous results using a mixture of warm water and a squirt of a washing-up detergent.
  • Black tea and lemon: This may sound like a strange one, but there is no doubt that strong black tea with a slice of lemon works really well. The tannins in the tea loosen any grease and nicotine, while the citric acid removes any limescale.
  • Methylated Spirit: Add a splash of some methylated spirit to some lukewarm cleaning water. Just remember to wear gloves as otherwise you may find the skin on your hands gets too dry.

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