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The Karcher range of window cleaners have been around for a while now, but as ever, the real question is are they any good, do they actually do the job they say they do? It’s an important question as we have all bought some gadget that has been used once, been found wanting and spent the rest of its life at the back of a cupboard in the garage.

Another thing that is certain is that everyone wants a tool that can make cleaning windows a quick and easy job.

But besides being able to do the job, it has to be easy to use, not make any mess, and also of course not to be too expensive. It has also to have a reasonably long life too, and be reliable.

So what do people expect a window cleaner to be capable of? It may sound like a strange question, but there are fair few things that the Karcher has to be able to do. The basic is of course to remove any condensation and dirt, something that is not always an easy task. Of course you could break out the bucket, squeegees and towels, but if a machine can do the job, wouldn’t that be so much better?

But besides just removing any dirt, dust and water, people also demand that the window is left squeaky clean with no streaks.

We Also Supply Pressure Washers

So the question is, can the Karcher window cleaner deliver?

The answer is an outstanding yes, but you do have to use it in the right way to get the very best results; windows that you are proud to look at (and through).

The first thing to note is that everything you need is in the Karcher box, there being a spray bottle, some cleaning liquid, and a microfibre cleaning pad included. Plus of course a number of nozzles and the battery charger.

To clean a window spray some cleaner onto the window, moving this around to cover the entire window using the microfibre cloth.

Then simply vacuum the liquid off the glass.

It’s as simple as that really. But what about any streaks. Getting rid of these can be a challenge, but the issue can be solved by ensuring that the window glass is wet enough, in other words you have to use enough of the cleaning liquid to get the best results, use too little and the friction created when you use the vacuum creates the dreaded streak. Basically, If you notice the vac squeaking as you move it across the window you have not applied enough liquid.

Many people wonder how often they should clean their windows, and as you would expect the answer differs a lot depending on where you live and the weather that your home experiences. Suffice to say that even the cleanest looking windows can actually be quite dirty. But saying that, with the Karcher being so easy to use, what’s to stop you using it as often as you want?

But saying all this, what are the Pro’s and Con’s of these window cleaning machines?

Hortech Karcher Vacuum cleaner

The Pros

  • It makes cleaning windows much quicker.
  • The Karcher is really easy to use.
  • There’s virtually no mess as all the dirty water is sucked up and the dirty water tank is easy to empty
  • The machine is very lightweight, despite having a big enough battery to tackle all the windows in the average sized house.
  • You can purchase a variety of extras, these including an extension set (so you can reach those high windows), a hip bag for some extra water and of course replacement blades and cloths
  • You don’t have carry a bucket of water around..

The Cons

  • It is not always easy to get a streak free finish, this being something you have to practice at for a while if you want that perfect finish.
  • Some people find the lack of instructions a little annoying (but then again there are lots of videos out there to help).
  • As with any electrical device powered by a battery, you have to remember to keep it charged up

But what should you look for when choosing a window vac?

  • Check the cleaning efficiency: After all it doesn't matter how long the window vac’s battery lasts if it's not cleaning your windows. That means that the suction has to be strong enough to remove dust, dirt and the water quickly and evenly, it being most important that the level of suction does not drop off at the end of the nozzle, as if it does you won’t be able to clean to the edge of the window.
  • Leak-proof suction: All window vacuums suck wastewater into a tank, so its vital that this water is held securely in the waste water tank and does not escape when you are working at a difficult angle on a hard to reach window.
  • Battery runtime:  Most window vacs can only manage a run of about 30mins. You have to be able to do all you need to (or have some spare batteries), so if you can find a model that gives longer run times (because you have a larger home) then that may be the best choice.
  • Weight of the unit: Weight is an important issue. After all a kilo does not sound a lot, but that couple of pounds can feel a lot heavier when you have been holding the vac at arm's length after 20 mins or so. This especially being the case when the waste water tank fills up. Its also important to have a vac that has a large enough tank, as otherwise you will be finding yourself stopping to empty it too often.

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