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The advantages of extendable window cleaning systems

A clean window is a bit like a good referee: if it is doing the job well, you don’t notice it.  On the other hand, a dirty window stands out a mile, especially when the ingrained dirt is highlighted on a summer’s day.  Thus, the benefits of cleaning a window are evident.  But what approach?  The good old bucket and sponge seems a great idea.  It is inexpensive, and can use the resources you already have.  Until the soapy water starts to dribble down your arm and wet your sleeve.  And the warm water begins to cool.  Not so much fun now!

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Have you noticed how windows are designed without the ease of access as a priority?  If you are cleaning them by hand, it isn’t long before you will encounter the difficult-to-access areas.  The areas that are just out of arms length.  The awkward corner where you need to stand on a step ladder to reach. And when it comes to first floor windows, cleaning them without some special aid can be a problem. Some people have been known to sit with their legs out of an open window, while the struggle (often in vain) to reach all of the window pane. This is obviously dangerous and is not recommended.

You can clean windows using a Pressure Washer too

This is where the extendable window cleaning system comes into its own.  With the simple addition of an extendable handle, the sponge can now be used to reach the awkward corners and difficult to reach places.  First floor windows and those above are within its reach.  The extendable handle has the additional benefit of being flexible.  It can be shortened for ease of transport, travel to a site, being carried through a narrow passageway.  It can then be extended as required for the situation.

This flexible extension size is really useful because sometimes, there is limited space to use a brush.  Having an extendable handle means that, where space is restricted, you only need to use the length specifically required.

This system gets around other problems too. Have you ever tried to carry a ladder down a narrow passageway or around a corner?  With the extendable system, you no longer have to face this challenge.  Your window cleaning equipment folds away as needed and can then be extended when space and the need require.

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With other window cleaning systems storage can also be a challenge, whether your window cleaning equipment is used occasionally or on a regular basis.   Handles need space, especially for their height.  With an extendable system, they can be folded away in a compact form.

The extendable system also enables cleaning at all angles and can allow cleaning of windows from a central position.  The flexibility includes being able to shorten the handle to access your bucket of water at your feet and then extending to reach areas further away. Plus of course, some extendable systems allow you to place water just where you need it with the use of a pump (or by using the available water pressure from a hose).

Modern, extending poles are light weight and easy to handle.  They are versatile and user-friendly.  Being extendable, one pole can be used for a wide range of settings; you won’t need to bring a range of pole lengths with you.

An extendable window cleaning system enables you to be equipped and flexible regardless of the situation, whether you are cleaning a ground-floor window or a conservatory roof.  It enables you to embrace each scenario with a ‘can-do’ attitude.  It enables the task to be completed in one go, no having to return to complete the one awkward window that was just out of reach, or to need someone to help bring in a ladder, or to get access to the upper room that proved too difficult to reach.  The job is finished in one go.  It can be completed by a single operator who is able to move from location to location with ease.

The single operator issue is one that highlights another issue, that of problems with ladders? If you are using a ladder and want to be totally safe, you need someone at the bottom, holding everything steady. With an extendable system you don’t need a ladder in the first place.

Don’t like heights?  Getting to that awkward high place is no longer an issue, those awkward places around a window which cause so much trouble, all such problems are solved, safely. 

Problems like washing away dirt and cobwebs from a window frame or window sill?  These are no longer an issue with an extendable window cleaning system.  You can reach them from ground level. 

No more having to carry a bucket of water through the house to clean a window in an upper room.  Its all sorted from ground level.

All this goes to show that using an extendable window cleaning system makes sense. Its quicker, less messy and above all safer than trying to clean those dirty windows with a bucket and a mop while clinging for dear life on a ladder.

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