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What is the best way to clean a patio?

First impressions matter.  Few things stand out more that a clean patio to frame your garden.  A clean patio shows itself as originally planned. It also shows that the owner cares about the place being looked after.

There are a range of ways to clean a patio.  You can hose it down with water.  This is refreshing.  Except that it doesn’t deal with the grime and the weeds.  There are chemicals we can use and brush in and then wash down.  This can be useful, but it is easy to leave brush marks where you were scrubbing harder, or missed a bit.  Like painting a ceiling and missing a patch in the poor light.  It stands out a mile, a glaring reminder that the finished job wasn’t quite as good as it could have been.

Pressure washers and lances

We can use a jet washer to clean the patio.  These operate by providing a jet of water, under pressure, through a piece of kit called the lance.  It is a pole connected to the jet washer, which is in turn connected to a water supply.  Usually, the flow of water and its angle can be changed depending on what the user needs.  For wetting, a wider flow can be selected.  To focus on a spot, such as where black algae is present, a concentrated flow may be better.

The water can be cold or hot, depending on the machine, your budget and the size of the patio.  Cold water machines are less expensive and more suitable to the individual home-owner.  They are typically the size of a vacuum cleaner, easily stored, in the garage or garden shed, and easy to carry.  You can get them out for a quick jet of the patio on a regular basis.  You can also clean the windows at the same time if you feel like it.

Be sure to take care when using a pressure washer

Care is needed when using a jet washer, not to send the water randomly across the patio and over areas that need to be kept dry, such as a deck chair or sun lounger.  They can make for interesting spectator sports as members of the family observe you working.  Be careful in the viewing galley, though!  One false move and you may get a soak!

No approach is risk-free.  The brushing method requires chemicals which you may prefer not to use.  The jet washer can pick up debris, such as stones, and fling it across the flat patio surface.  However, the smaller machines are less likely to have the strength to do any damage, and the mess of dirt thrown at windows and doors is easily washed clean.

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You may not have time, nor the inclination, to do the task of jet washing, yourself.  Fear not; there are numerous companies offering the service for you.  A commercial operator is more likely to have a more substantial machine capable of providing hot water, which provides a more thorough clean.  Caution is needed, especially when cleaning a patio with grass or plants close by.  The pressure pipes can get hot, and may scorch a lawn.  If any chemicals are used, these can damage plants.  It is preferable to use boards by plants such as hedging to protect from the chemicals.

Hortech Karcher Pressure Washers for domestic use

Safety First

Safety clothing may be needed.  If you are using a small cold water domestic machine, then waterproof clothing including wellingtons should suffice.  For chemical treatment, the product being used will have guidelines on where to use it and any safety clothing such as glasses and gloves.

One note of caution when using a jet washer, especially at heat and with chemicals; the pressure hose pipe will be coiled, at least at the start, and will need to be uncoiled as it is rolled out to provide access away from the machine.  There is a lever on the lance which needs to be pressed or held down to switch on the flow of water.  It can be easy to keep this level pressed when uncoiling the hose.  This can result in the water being sprayed, and perhaps not in the target area.  If hot water or chemical is sprayed away from the target area, it could cause damage.  With care, this is avoidable.

Patios can be a great asset, greater still when kept clean.  Jet washing is an effective way to do this, and a small, domestic model is ideal for many settings.  Just make sure you take the basic precautions listed above to minimise the risk of damage, and you can be sure to have a patio that is clean and fresh.

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