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How to use your Nilfisk vacuum cleaner

Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are very good, be they a standard vacuum or the wet and dry variety. But as with any machine, they have to be used the right way and some basic safety procedures (mostly common sense) need to be followed.

Let’s start with those basic safety rules:-

  • You should not use any Nilfisk product without a dust bag (not always the case with wet and dry machines of course) or the air filter (if fitted).

  • Unless the model specifies that is is safe to do so, never hoover up any sharp objects or needles, this includes shards of glass.

  • Never pick up anything that is burning, like a cigarette butt, matches or hot ashes

  • Unless the machine is classed for outdoor use, only use your vacuum inside.

  • Always turn off the machine before removing the plug and never pull the cable, instead grasp the plug to remove it from the socket.

  • Never use your machine if the cable shows signs of wear, or has been crushed in some manner.

  • Always unplug your machine before you attempt to change a filter or dust bag, just switching off is not enough as it is possible that you could activate the on off switch accidentally.

  • Never let an unsupervised child under the age of 8 operate the machine.

  • Always have the machine repaired by the dealer.

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Basic Instructions

  • When inserting the hose or any accessory, always make sure it is connected properly, this usually being confirmed by a click.
  • Always press the disengage button before attempting to remove a hose etc.
  • Dust Bags and Air Filters
    If incorrectly sized dust bag and filters are used, or if they are of not sufficient quality, the machine may not work as efficiently and could well be overloaded, which could lead to the motors burning out.
  • Changing Bags and Filters
    On many models, there will be an indicator showing that the dust bag is full and needs changing. To change the bag, press the latches that open the machine. You can then remove the bag, this being easy to seal by pulling the handle on the collar.
    Inserting the bag is the opposite from the above, but please do ensure that it is correctly fitted before closing the lid.
  • Air Filters
    There are normally two filters. One for the air that is drawn into the machine, and one for the air that is expelled from the vacuum.
    They have very different purposes. The first filter (the so called ‘Pre Filter’) sits behind the dust bag (where fitted), its job being to collect any small particles that the bag cannot contain, as if these were allowed to pass, they could damage the motor.
    The other filter, called the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) traps air contaminants, in four basic ways; Inertial Impaction, Diffusion, Interception, or Sieving. The filter is placed in the exhaust of vacuum, this stopping particles etc being released into the air.
    HEPA filters cannot be washed, so will need replacing, this normally being indicated by a warning light on the machine.

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  • Suction Power
    Most machines allow the user to regulate the suction power of the vacuum. In some cases the machine will have an easy to see indicator to assist the user.
  • Cleaning Tips
    Use the crevice nozzle for narrow areas like around the cushions on a sofa.

    It is normally best to use the upholstery nozzle when cleaning furniture.

    Cleaning curtains and window sills are best cleaned with the Brush nozzle.

    For Hard floors, use the specially designed hard floor nozzle.

    Most models have a combination nozzle which allows for the easy cleaning of different floor types.

    When cleaning carpets, use the Turbo nozzle, being careful to reduce the power if the carpet or rug starts to lift when vacuuming.
    When using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to suck up liquids, always ensure that you remove the dust bag from the machine first.
    Never leave any liquid in a wet and dry machine as this encourages the growth of mould and mildew.
    The filters in wet and dry machines often require more attention than conventional machines, so please ensure these are regularly checked and cleaned.
    The hoses of wet and dry vacuums are also subject to getting clogged more often, so always check the hoses before using and be sure to remove any debris.

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  • Guarantees
    Most Nilfisk machines have a 5 year guarantee which covers the majority of parts, other parts have a 12 month guarantee period (ask your supplier for information).
    Remember that the guarantee will not cover:-
    - Normal wear and tear of any accessory and filters.
    - Defects or damage occurring as a direct or indirect result of incorrect use
    - Lack of maintenance as described in the Instructions for use.
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