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What are the best window cleaning tools?

There is a whole arrange of tools available for window cleaning.  But the thing that all the best have in common is that they are multi-purpose and have built-in flexibility. 

Extendable poles are a ‘must’, enabling the operator to access windows near and far from one position, and making the cleaning process more efficient.  A multi-functional squeegee head is ideal for applying soap.  It is also good for scrubbing and agitating awkward areas of dirt.  and then washing off and wiping down and leaving the window surface dry and smear-free.

You can have a sponge on one side and a squeegee on the other so that the soap can be applied and any dirt agitated until it is removed using the sponge.  The squeegee then enables the newly-cleaned surface to be wiped dry and left to sparkle.

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Poles can come in a variety of materials, but aluminium poles offer strength as well as lightness and longevity.  Some models come with a fitting allowing different heads to be firmly attached but also with ease of removal so that the operator can change the function easily.  Many poles can be used on their own or connected to a water supply for ease of use.

A water-fed system offers the advantage of being able to clean all of the windows in one go, not needing a refill of soapy or clean water / not needing to carry the water up a ladder or around the property.  There is also no issue of water cooling, or needing to empty a bucket of dirty water.

For internal cleaning, the water-fed option is not possible.  In such situations, a bucket for warm water may be needed.  The key criteria here will be to ensure it is wide enough for the squeegee.

A hand-held window vacuum cleaner can be really useful.  They are designed to suck water and dirt from the window, leaving it dry and clean.  This is ideal for the larger window, and can be used both inside and outside, the one-stop shop, so to speak.  Many window vacuum cleaners come with a spray bottle and micro fibre pad.  This enables the operator to apply a cleaning solution to the window and wipe the window before using the vacuum cleaner to vacuum it up.  It is possible to get up to 30 minutes of user time and a recharge only takes 70 minutes for a domestic model.

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With the vacuum cleaner, there is no need for a separate supply of warm water.  You can use a vacuum cleaner on the inside and a jet washer on the outside to provide the best of both worlds.  The vacuum cleaner can also be used for ground floor windows and has the advantage of not spraying water around, so in a setting where this is a key issue, you have the ideal tool.

The micro-fibre pad is useful for wiping down and keeping water use to a minimum.  There are also magnetic pads which work by drawing dirt and dust to their surface using the electric charge present.  They are a useful tool in a dry environment.

If water supply is an issue, both the vacuum cleaner and the water-fed system can come with their own water tank for a portable supply.

If you want a variety of tools, there are kits available with a range of options, including multiple micro fibre cloths and several bottles of cleaning solution.  This is ideal if you are cleaning a larger number of windows, so you don’t run out of materials part way through.

When choosing your preferred tools, a key part of the appraisal is to identify the type of work you will be doing.  With external windows, jet washing is often ideal.  For internal windows, the window vacuum cleaner is often a good bet. If you are cleaning both inside and out on a regular basis, then specialist tools for each is the ideal solution.

For both internal and external windows, the extending pole is a valuable tool in enabling the operator to reach the awkward corners.  These can range in length from those with 2-3 extensions to those designed to access windows two or more floors higher; some can extend by more than 10 metres!

You may find that, especially if you are doing the basic cleaning on a regular basis, the window vacuum cleaner will be ideal for much of the work, with the water-fed system being used as required.

Remember to check your kit on a regular basis so that you know you have the materials you need, such as the cleaning solution, and that the individual items are working properly.  Remember to always use clean water, and to remove any soiled water when you have completed each task.

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