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How to clean windows with a pressure washer

The pressure washer is not just for cleaning patios.  At its core, a pressure washer is providing a supply of water at pressure.  This can be cool or heated.  A pressure washer can be used for a simple freshen up, washing away dust and grime.  Plus of course it can also be used to clean more in-grained dirt.  Many pressure washer machines come with a function whereby a detergent can be applied prior to the main wash, and it can also be brushed in before the final clean.

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A pressure washer can be used to clean windows, for instance after the patio has been cleaned, to remove any splash back caused by the cleaning, or just to freshen up.  It can be used to apply a soap pre-wash and then used to jet clean afterwards, this to agitate grime in order to remove it.  Pressure washers can also offer the advantage of a continuous flow of warm water, first soapy and then clean, enabling the window cleaning operation to proceed seamlessly and efficiently.

Remember, when washing your windows to start by checking that the window is closed, otherwise you could get water inside the room.  This may sound obvious, but how often is an upstairs window left open slightly, or there is that window which is always left open for fresh air! Always remember to start at the top of the window and wash away thick dirt, dust and cobwebs.  Operate at a low pressure and use a jet with a wider angle.  This is the most effective way to operate.  There is often the temptation to blast dirt away with a jet, but this can be messy, sending a torrent of dirty water everywhere.  Work systematically, from one side to the other and from top to bottom.  Work with the water and use the flow to dislodge dirt and push away the dirty water.

It can be useful to use a stronger flow of water at the end to rinse off.  By the way, note that it is better to clean windows on a cloudy day, the lack of direct sunshine helps to ensure that the window dries naturally, and it minimises smears and streaks.  Note too that it can be possible to clean windows with less detergent, especially if you are cleaning more regularly.  In fact, you may be able to do the cleaning with warm water alone, just giving them a regular ‘freshen-up’.

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With a pressure washer, you work with the pressure.  You will need to stand back from the window ideally 1-2 metres.  This enables the jet to work most effectively, applying its pressure to best effect, and reduces potential damage to the window frame.  Full pressure is good at dislodging dirt but can also remove seals which would then need to be re-applied. A pressure washer can come with a range of fittings including a brush.  This is ideal for removing heavier dirt and grime.  A simple jet of water can then be used to wash down the window.  By careful direction of the jet, surplus water can be removed from window sills, using the pressure of the water and leaving a drained surface behind.  If some water does remain, then this can be wiped down with a cloth.  It is so much easier than just using a wet sponge and a bucket!

An advantage of using a pressure washer is that it will come with lances of a range of lengths which enable access to first floor windows so that a wider area can be cleaned in a single operation.  This avoids the need for ladders.  It also enables windows in difficult to access places to be easily be washed from the ground, and also that the corners of window frames can be reached.  It can also be possible, with a pressure washer, to clean guttering, patio doors and conservatories.  The pressure washer is a really useful tool that enable you to quickly and efficiently keep windows clean and to be able to do this on a regular basis.

One aspect of window cleaning which can easily catch people out is the corner that got missed, or the small patch that needs a second wipe, or the streak from a puddle of muddy water that slowly runs down the window leaving its trail.  Or the ingrained bit of dirt, perhaps the calling card of a passing bird.  With the pressure washer, all of these can be dealt with, smoothly and effectively.  And for that ‘calling card’, the inevitable bit of bird poo, there are brushes that can be used to agitate and remove it. 

Jet washers can also be used to wash the frames as well as the glass, cleaning the underside of the frames makes everything look as good as new.  Remember that it is sensible to do the frames before the final wash-clean, so that little pockets of dirt are dealt with.  For under the frame, the jet can be angled into the wall to limit spray and spreading of dirt.

And to get rid of those streaks, a finishing jet of clean water is usually effective.  This can also be used for any splashes that occur after one window has been cleaned and during cleaning of the next. 

When you have mastered the use of your pressure washer you will be able to stand back at the end of the job in the knowledge that all your windows are sparkling clean with no smears or streaks. 

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