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The advantages of using a wall mounted hose reel

The garden hose is a feature of many gardens.  It can be used simply to water plants, or to wash down the patioclean the car or to supply a jet washer.  But what are the advantages of using a wall-mounted reel?

With a wall-mounted reel, you don’t have the tangled morass of tens of metres of hose being trailed around the garden, (which if left in situ, becomes a trip hazard) all the while getting wrapped around obstacles such as plant pots, statues, other garden ornaments or the barbeque set. 

Then. as you try to pull the hose to its full length, giving a good tug, that newly-planted pot topples over, contents poured out.  Or the bird path goes over, crashing to the ground…

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When a hose lacks a proper reel, there is often no obvious place to store it.  It stays in a corner, tangled, leaving a mark on the slabs.  Or, in the summer, spread across the lawn, because when you are watering plants each evening, there is little sense in tidying away after each watering session.

Left tangled, there is the potential for bends and kinks to form, which can lead to the rubber of the pipe splitting and leaks forming.  Left on the ground, there is the potential for water to remain in the pipe.  Not only does this get stale but more significantly, if there is a frost, the water can freeze, leading to the potential for a burst when it thaws.

User friendly operation

The wall-mounted option is so much better.  The hose has a home where it can be stored without being tangled.  On the wall, it is out of the way.  As long as it is properly wound up each time and stored at height, it won’t end up getting tangled on the patio and being elevated above the ground the ‘business end’ of the hose is easily carried to where it is needed.

Plus, when a wall-mounted hose is wound back onto the reel, the water naturally drains through gravity.  No more storage of stale water or risk of frost damage. No more tangling, kinks or leaks.

The problem is that when you have a length of hose, trying to wind it up by hand can be challenging.  In order to be wound into a circle, the pipe needs to be turned over, otherwise it doesn’t roll up properly.  This requires it to be in a straight line.  This can be difficult, especially in a smaller garden.  Try to roll out 25 metres of hose in a straight line or following the outline of the lawn.  You will soon need an assistant to help unravel the hose.  This is not a problem with a wall-mounted reel.

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Wall-mounted reels can be operated by a single person.  If you only need a short length, this is all you need to unroll.  There is no risk of kinks and bends because the hose is already on a roll.   There are no marks or water stains on the patio, no discolouration of the lawn where the hose lay for a week after being forgotten, and no need to find a home for it at the end of the day.

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It stops the hose search every summer or spring..

You must have been there, Spring arrives, and the question ‘where is the hose?’ becomes the problem of the day.  Is it tangled in a corner of the garage or the garden shed, covered by clutter?  Or is it neatly, tidily wrapped up on the wall?  And when you turn it on, does it work right first time, or do the holes and kinks from last year suddenly reveal themselves as the hose turns into a sprinkler?

Plus, when stored on the ground, damage from a mouse or something larger can result in holes and chewed ends.  This is not a problem with the wall-mounted reel, where the hose is off the ground and less accessible and tempting.

In short, the wall-mounted option is practical, beneficial and user-friendly.  It is so useful, you will wonder why you didn’t get one fitted sooner.  Did I mention that the mechanism is contained, protecting the hose, and that it can come with the option of a retractable button?  It winds itself in.  Seriously!  Just press the button and watch as the reel automatically winds the hose back in without any bends or kinks, and then stores the hose until you need it next time.

The best thing since sliced bread?  Perhaps not. But a great idea all the same.  When will you get yours?

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